Live Support

RackCo Support Team “We’re always here for you!”

While some companies offer several levels of support for it’s managed services. We don’t understand this concept so support is always there. You wont call and speak with one level and then to another and to another to get your problem solved instead we give direct access to the real Technicians and Administrators that are the ones working on your issue. The only escalation is to a Network Engineer when needed.

When you are sleeping, “we’re here for you.” When you need help, “we’re here for you.” At when you need advice, “we’re here for you.” Twenty-four hours a day you can always rest assured “we’re always here for you.” We are proud to be of service 100% of the time.

We know you will find Team RackCo, professional, courteous, dedicated and helpful. Whenever you need us, “We’re here for you!”

Rarely does RackCo have any additional charges related to support issues. Our team’s job is to keep the RackCo network running smooth and keep your systems up and running in a secure and professional manner, not to nickel and dime you for every thing you need assistance with. We are a real fully managed hosting provider.

Using the RackCo Support Team

First log into your account control center where you can do everything from ordering additional services upgrades or pay your current bill, print invoices and much more. Click the support tab for all the options. Our ticketing system is fast and our staff responds in speeds you wont believe. No auto responders at RackCo, each response is from a Live Technician who will be taking care of your problem immediately. Feel you are not able to explain your needs or just want to interact directly with support just log into the Live Chat for instant responses to your questions or just check on the status of your ticket.

RackCo provides a considerable amount of information to assist its customers in being able to manage their accounts with ease. In our Support area you will find links to live chat, flash tutorials and documentation on the control panels offered by